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As you may have observed by now, the HRC provides a diverse assortment of services; however, we also provide a number of other services designed to provide a more elivated form of support.

Workplace Investigations

Workplace Investigations

The Human Resources Consortium provides professional and objective workplace investigation services to assist employers with internal complaints made by aggrieved workers, such as complaints of inappropriate conduct, unlawful discrimination or harassment, or theft.

Our investigative services include:

  • Employer coaching and consultation on the investigative process;
  • Interviewing of the complainant(s), the alleged accused and any witnesses;
  • Review of evidence and assessing credibility of evidence; and
  • drafting of a professional final invetigative report.

Disclaimer: The Human Resources Consortium does not provide legal advice as part of its investigative services. It is recommended that the client seek appropriate legal counsel should such services be requested or required.

Wage and Hour Claim Assistance

Wage & Hour Claim Assistance

The HRC can assist employers who are the recipients of a wage and hour claim filed by a former or current employee. Such claims can be very frustrating and daunting to an employer. We can help make sense of the process outlined by the state Labor Commission and provide helpful consultation on how to prepare for the claim conference session.

The HRC can assist in the following ways:

  • Review of the claim;
  • Drafting a response to the labor commissioner district office on behalf of the employer;
  • Attend a labor commission conference with the employer or on behalf of the employer; and/or
  • Providing consultation on the claim and conference process.
Unemployment Insurance Claim and Appeal Hearings Assistance

Unemployment Insurance Claims & Appeal Hearings

The HRC can assist employers who are the recipients of an unemployment insurance claim from a former or current employee. We can also assist with any subsequent unemployment insurance appeal hearings.

We help make sense of the UI process outlined by the California EDD and provide helpful consultation on how to prepare for the appeal hearing.

The HRC provides the following services:

  • Review of the UI claim;
  • Drafting a response to the EDD on behalf of the employer;
  • Attend a UI appeal hearing with the employer or on behalf of the employer; and/or
  • Providing consultation on the UI claim process and what to expect at the appeal hearing.
Return to Work Facilitation

Return to Work Facilitation

The HRC can provide invaluable assistance in matters relating to employees desiring to return to work from an injury or illness, disability, pregnancy, or any other related issue.

The state of California outlines specific steps that must be followed when communicating with an employee who wishes to return to work. This is referred to as the “interactive process.”

The HRC can provide the following services:

  • Facilitate the "interactive process" with the employee;
  • Draft notices or letters on behalf of the employer;
  • Review documentation submitted by the employee in support of their return to work; and/or
  • Provide additional consultation support, as needed.
Compensation Studies

Compensation Studies

The HRC can conduct salary surveys or a more comprehensive compensation study for employers desiring a more accurate evaluation of employee compensation in their field of work or industry.

Salary Surveys

A basic salary survey will comprise of the job or jobs being evaluated with a detailed report outlining what the current hourly or salary rate is at current market conditions. This information is obtained through research using current job market data.

External Equities Analysis (EEA)

An EEA provides a more thorough and formative element to a compensation study. An EEA’s results are customarily derived from the direct contacts of local organizations within the same field of work or industry of the client organization. Specific questions relating to the job, its duties and responsibilities, as well as its pay are inquired with results documented. The results obtained from an EEA will tend to be more accurate and up-to-date with current trends than a standard salary survey.

Mediation and Employee Grievance Assistance

Mediation and Employee Grievance Assistance

Interest-Based Mediation

The HRC can assist in resolving disagreements or disputes between employees through a systematic mediation process. Mediation sessions allow for an objective third-party (i.e., Human Resources Consortium) to facilitate a dialogue between the parties in dispute to ultimately and preferably come to a sensible resolution.

At the conclusion of the mediation session, the HRC drafts a post-mediation understanding and arrangement for both parties to review and sign. Such an arrangement will outline conditions in which both parties mutually agreed to during the mediation session.

Employee Grievance Assistance

The HRC can assist with the facilitation of employee grievances. Employee grievances customarily entail a verbal or written complaint associated with workplace conditions, conditions relating to their employment, or disagreements or conflicts with a co-worker or supervisor.

The HRC is able to review such employee grievances and facilitate the process by investigating the issues being communicated. This process may entail meeting with the aggrieved employee (complainant) and any other workers or parties to resolve the matter.


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