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About the Human Resources Consortium

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Serving businesses professionally for over 20 years...

The Human Resources Consortium has been servicing the human resource management needs of businesses since 1991. Started as a home-based business, Dr. Fred Mora founded the HRC with the goal in mind to provide outsourced human resource management services to organizations who had little to no HR infrastructure or guidance to better navigate the ever complex state and federal employment and labor standards required of all businesses to follow.

Our members and customers have come to rely on us to serve as their “outsourced” HR representative and be there when an issue (no matter how complex) pops up. And if the HRC does not have an immediate solution or answer to a question, we go the extra mile to research the issue and return with a solution or answer.

Over the years, the HRC has diversified its services and products to meet the ever changing climate of HR and Organziational Development (OD). Our services are not limited to just HR coaching or consultation or assisting with employment/labor-related issues (though these issues remain very important to businesses) - we have extended our services to include our Corporate University (our professional training and development platform), as well as basic business setup assistance (helping individuals setup a California corporation, nonprofit corporation, or LLC).

So, whether you are a small business with one to three employees or an organization with well over a thousand, the HRC has solutions that will fit your business model and budget while providing professional and personalized attention to your unique needs.